Schluesseldienst finow

Schluesseldienst finow



Battle of Finow


Barnim District, State of Brandenburg, Germany

Finow is a small town in Germany.


Battle of Finow[]

General John McGinnis ordered to steal Howard Stark's samples and research about a gas called Midnight Oil, intended to keep soldiers awake for days. McGinnis deployed the gas over the Soviet 478th Rifle Division in order to help them take the city of Finow.

However, the gas caused symptoms such as anger, hallucinations and psychosis, making the Soviet soldiers to brutally slaughter each other. Doctor Johann Fennhoff, a member of the Soviet Armed Forces, managed to use a gas mask to protect himself, and survived the whole massacre. Fennhoff found his own brother brutally killed in the battlefield, with his eyes having been removed from his face, and pieces of his flesh having bitten off.[1]

Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov were also members of the 478th Rifle Division, and were declared deceased with the rest of their comrades.[2] Fennhoff performed emergency laryngotomy procedures on Brannis and Demidov, removing their voice boxes, but allowing them to survive the effects of Midnight Oil.[1]

German Arrival[]

"There was no battle of Finow."
"Because you Nazis ambushed the Russians at night."
"No German fought any Russian at Finow."
―Ernst Mueller and Roger Dooley[src]

A Wehrmacht squad led by Colonel Ernst Mueller arrived at Finow, finding the massacred bodies of the members of the Soviet 478th Rifle Division. Despite the things he had done during the war, Mueller could only describe the event as a massacre, with the bodies having being piled high and ripped apart.

Not knowing the truth about the event, Mueller thought the ones who attacked the Russian soldiers had already left the scene during their arrival, and the United States Armed Forces blamed the German Soldiers commanded by Mueller as the ones who fought against and massacred the Russians.[3]

Howard Stark's Arrival[]

The following day, Howard Stark took a plane and landed in Finow, in order to witness the effects of Midnight Oil, and was horrified by the brutality of the massacre.[1] Stark went to confront General John McGinnis and started a fight despite McGinnis was physically superior to Stark, and McGinnis retaliated easily knocking Stark out.[4]

McGinnis wrote an official report about the Battle of Finow, blaming German soldiers led by Colonel Ernst Mueller for the massacre.[3]

The events at Finow left Stark distressed and he began the construction of a vault under his mansion to store his most dangerous inventions, including Midnight Oil.[5]



  • The town of Finow actually exists, albeit under a slightly different name. In reality, Finow is a river in eastern Germany, while the town near it is called Hohenfinow.