Schluesseldienst süd

Schluesseldienst süd


---Key Facts

- Size: 7,000 sqm that can be tailored to your needs

- Ceiling Height: 12m

- Loading Capacity: 5 tonnes/sqm (flatness/level as FM# or similar standard)

- Height of foundation slab: 1.3 meter

- Height of local delivery dock: 0.9 meter

- Standard: ISO 9001:2015, GMP, CSDP

- Fire safety: sprinkler system optional

--- Financial Information

- from $4 /sqm/month depending on the client requirements


This Industrial Park is located 12 kilometres away from National Highway Number 21 in Kandal Province, Cambodia. It is strategically located following the new and future infrastructures under construction offering tremendous access within 3 km to the Ring Road 3 and 7 km away from the future Phnom Penh International Airport.

Main Access Points:

- Ring Road 3 - 3 km

- Future Phnom Penh International Airport - 7 km

- Takmao City - 12 km

- Aeon Mall 3 - 20 km

- Phnom Penh City - 23 km


The total development plan area of the industrial park is approximately 138,000 sqm. Currently, there are 10 factories in operation at the industrial park. There are 48,500 sqm available cater for the demand of the proliferation of new industrial developments.


It is a multi-national corporation which was established more than three decades ago. The foundation of the company was built from textiles and garments and from these humble beginnings, the Group has diversified its business through property development.

In Cambodia, the Group has established itself as a premier property developer. In addition, it enjoys an eminent position as a manufacturer and exporter in the country. With more than 1,000 employees accessing its business units and more than USD200 million investment in Cambodian projects, it is a testament to the Developer's confidence and commitment in the country.

Keeping pace with the fast-paced development in Cambodia, the Developer's optimism in the country's potential has resulted in a strategic pipeline of projects that will held alter the landscape of Cambodia and Phnom Penh in particular.

The Group's sterling track record in Cambodia includes manufacturing branded premium sweaters for its multi-national clients, and development of industrial parks, residential and commercial properties.


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