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Profile of TH Wildau

Profile of TH Wildau

Practical courses, the personal atmosphere and a modern campus are what attract aspiring academics from throughout Germany and the world to Wildau.

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A modern campus university on Berlin’s doorstep

The university opened its doors in with just 17 students on the mechanical engineering degree programme. Today there are about 3, students, ensuring that the Technische Hochschule Wildau - Technical University of Applied Sciences (“TH Wildau” for short) keeps its familiar atmosphere.

On a modern and compact campus with a direct rail connection to Berlin, aspiring academics enjoy an ideal environment for their studies in a range of disciplines covering the natural sciences, engineering, economics, law, business administration and management.

Practical and application-oriented

Degree programmes at a university of applied sciences are very practically oriented. The practical orientation of our degree programmes and teaching is one of our distinctive characteristics. Students can carry out practical exercises and experiments with top-quality laboratory and computer technology. An optimal study environment allows creativity and enthusiasm for research to flourish.

Close interaction between the university and the economy

Its potential for scientific innovation and development as well as its practically oriented academic offerings are what make TH Wildau a desirable partner for innovative small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large international firms.

Collaborations include input into designing the curricula for our degree programmes, to project work for students within the companies and joint research activities. This allows students to gain valuable practical experience in various fields even before they have completed their studies, thus making them an attractive choice for businesses when starting their careers.

Excellent international networking

An international and intercultural outlook shapes each working day at the university. Young people from over 60 countries from around the world study at the TH Wildau. This means that almost 20% of our students are international students.

TH Wildau actively promotes international exchanges for students and researchers. It is for this reasons that the university cooperates with more than 70 partner universities around the world. We have contacts through our traditional partnerships Eastern and Southern Europe as well as links to Asia, Latin America, the Arab world and Africa. Students have a wide range of attractive options for spending a semester studying or working abroad, for learning foreign languages and interacting with other cultures.

A strong research university

Since , TH Wildau has been among the strongest research universities in Germany. Academics are working in over 40 research groups dealing with the latest topics in applied and fundamental research. This has given the university its reputation as a centre of excellence in key scientific disciplines. The university specialises in the research fields of applied biosciences, information technology/telematics, optical technologies/photonics, production and materials, transport and logistics as well as management and law.

International quality standards

In accordance with the university’s mission, quality, quality development and quality assurance in teaching, research and administration are measures of our interactions on all levels. They provide the necessary transparency and form the basis for comparisons within our university and with others.

TH Wildau was system-accredited in This gives external confirmation that TH Wildau has the structures and processes relevant to teaching and degree programmes that are suitable for achieving the qualification goals and ensuring high quality of the degree programmes. This gives students objective confirmation that the teaching in Wildau conforms to recognised international standards. Currently in the recertification process.

Family-friendly University

TH Wildau is a manageable campus university. The personal atmosphere and the individual support from teaching staff as well as the – certified – family-friendly nature of the university with on-campus child care and sustainable health management for all members of the university mean that we offer the best conditions for combining career, studies and family.

In cooperation with health insurer “Techniker Krankenkasse”, TH Wildau is pursuing its vision of a health-conscious university in a sustainable way. Under our “healthy university” motto we intend to develop a holistic culture of healthy living at all levels, increase health literacy, and give our students and graduates the awareness to spread a message of healthy living to their future work places in business, science and administration.

The largest university of applied sciences in the state of Brandenburg (02/24)

  • Founded in
  • 3, students (winter semester /24),
  • % of which are international students
  • nearly 35% of which are women
  • 21 Bachelor’s programmes
  • 15 Master’s programmes
  • 2 faculties
  • professors
  • over members of staff


  • Engineering
  • Natural sciences
  • Business and management
  • Information technology
  • Law and administration

International university partnerships

  • approx. 70 partner universities
  • in 60 countries around the world

Applied research and development

  • one of the strongest research universities in Germany since
  • Third-party funding in million euros
  • over 70 research projects ()
  • over active research and scientific contacts
  • member of regional network dahme_innovation (Link website dahme_innovation)

Certified quality and family-friendly

  • certified information security management system to DIN ISO (since )
  • certified quality management system according to DIN ISO (since )
  • right to system accreditation (since )
  • certified “Family-Friendly University” (since )

Awards and rankings

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