Sen schluesseldienst

Sen schluesseldienst


SOS - Schlüsseldienst Frankfurt

Key service Frankfurt with 24 hours emergency service staffing

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Top competencies(Based on 11 published reviews)

Problem comprehension

SOS - Schlüsseldienst Frankfurt understands the customer's concerns and expectations.

Needs assessment

SOS - Schlüsseldienst Frankfurt assesses all customer requirements and clarifies any contradictions.

Customer requests

SOS - Schlüsseldienst Frankfurt responds to individual requests and needs.
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The installer arrived on time and opened the door for 1 minute. We are very grateful for quick help and nice contact!
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Very satisfied with the installer. Handling as well as work. Done very quickly. Price was kept. No scratches.
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They are real thieves. There comes a Moroccan scammer, threatens and lies without end and collects a lot of money 💰 for free. Please, keep your fingers away from this company. The fucks without end to collect money 💰 for free!!!!
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Super fast! Arrive in the estimated time (30-45 minutes) and had my door open in 10 minutes. Great price! The young man was very professional. Saved me.
Original timeline offered on the phone (evening after 6pm) undercut, very friendly, prompt delivery of service. Feel secure again in my home.
Thank you! Thank you for the nice and professional support.
I was alone with my daughter at the front door, it was already dark, not a nice feeling! Your employee came and extreme professional he has introduced himself and explained the procedure! The price was really correct!
I can only recommend Schlüsseldienst Frankfurt from the bottom of my heart. RC
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Mr. Seffar Soutian has helped us in Darmstadt despite the late hour very quickly, reliably well laid out and professional. Very good experience
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