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Hostinger is another easy website builder to use, sitting just behind Squarespace in our user experience tests. Hostinger offers a plethora of AI tools, including an AI website builder, to help users get online quickly and easily. Plus, Hostinger’s pricing is the most affordable of the bunch, starting from just $2.99 per month. Should you use Hostinger’s website builder?

✔️ Use Hostinger ❌ Avoid Hostinger
If you’re after a user-friendly builder – Hostinger’s AI tools and drag-and-drop editor make it ideal for beginners If you’re after advanced creative control – Hostinger targets beginners with its editor and AI tools
If you need support in building a site – you can let Hostinger handle content and image creation If you want to build a complex website – you can’t add third-party features so you’re stuck with the features Hostinger provides
If you want to build a simple site or small online store – it’s ideal if you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of larger website builders, like Wix If your website needs to grow – Hostinger lacks scalability, with only two plans to choose from
If you want an affordable website builder – Hostinger’s plans only cost a few dollars

Our Experience With Hostinger

Hostinger gives you a range of options to get started, but the three step AI website builder got us up and running in less than under 60 seconds. The form requested basic information like “Brand name” as well as a brief description of the website, and following a quick loading screen, Hostinger presented us with a tailored template to edit.

A Hostinger popup showing its AI setup, asking for brand name, website type, and a description of your project.

Unfortunately, we weren’t too impressed by what Hostinger’s AI created for us – it lacked the quality and sleekness of Squarespace’s templates. That being said, it’s a great option if you’re looking to get online quickly.

Within the editor, we could add new elements or sections, such as galleries and contact forms. And, like Squarespace, Hostinger has a drag-and-drop editor that features a smart grid. However, the grid framework is only there to guide, so you still have the freedom to move elements anywhere you like, similar to Wix.

Hostinger's AI writer in action within its web builder editor

Hostinger has improved considerably since last year’s research, securing its new position in our top five thanks to its ease of use and AI features. We tried a few of these out for ourselves when building our test website. The AI Heatmap can give you a great visual indication of where visitors or customers are engaging with your site, and the AI Blog Generator is a beneficial resource if you want to boost your site’s content.

While its AI tools are fairly well-developed, it’s clear that Hostinger has prioritized these developments over other core functionalities or design options. For example, there are no email marketing tools which is surprising when that’s a standard website feature available from the other website builders in the list.

How Much Does Hostinger Cost?

Hostinger’s the cheapest website builder on the list, with plans starting from $2.99 per month (for a 48-month contract). There are two plans to choose from, with the more expensive Business Website Builder plan ($3.99) having been introduced in early 2024.

For core website features, including Hostinger’s AI website builder, you’ll be comfortable with the Premium plan. But, to unlock ecommerce features and AI tools, including the AI Text Generator and AI Heatmap, then you’ll need the Business Website Builder plan.

Unfortunately, Hostinger doesn’t offer a free plan but you can test the AI website builder using Hostinger’s 30-day free trial. The cheapest pricing is only available if you choose the 48-month subscription, but subscribing to the longest term will gift you three extra months for free.

Hear from a real Hostinger user to learn about their experience with the website builder:

I built my website with Hostinger…

Watch face with a crown on top - logo for SOLD Corp

Rafee Rahman

Owner of SOLD Corp Watches

SOLD Corp Watches is a blog site that focuses on affordable watches for men. Rafee’s goal is to help people decide what watch to buy without spending too much money since fashion should be accessible to everyone.

It is a great tool for beginners to easily start their own website…


When did you start using Hostinger? How long did it take to build a website?

I wanted to build a website for several reasons. I was highly passionate about watches and wanted an outlet to express my opinions. I want to help people understand more about watches and give exposure to those brands that offer quality at an affordable price point. I also wanted the learning experience of building my own website, as it is a valuable skill to have nowadays. I chose Hostinger because of its solid reviews, easy-to-use structure, and low starting prices. I didn’t want to invest too much in the beginning out of caution, so Hostinger’s low yearly prices were a big draw for me. It’s easy to use and comes with lots of useful features, like a free domain registration.

I started using Hostinger in September 2023. It took me about three days to build my website. It was my first time using WordPress to build a website, so there was definitely a steep learning curve. However, the process is easy with Hostinger and I designed my site the way I wanted in just a few days.

What do you like most about Hostinger?

The thing I like most about Hostinger is the custom email domain capabilities. You can very easily create multiple custom email addresses with your website’s domain as part of your plan. I have created [email protected] and [email protected]. It makes outreach more professional and more organized. It is very easy to access these emails directly from your Hostinger profile too. Other great features include the ability to test your website’s speed easily and the AI logo maker.

Were you satisfied with the website you made, and would you recommend Hostinger to others?

Yes, I was satisfied with the website I made and I would definitely recommend Hostinger to others. It is a great tool for beginners to easily start their own website, and it has the functionality and capabilities to continue serving you as you gain more experience and knowledge. It isn’t really bad at doing anything. The web hosting is reliable which is very important. You don’t want your website going down all the time. All in all, Hostinger has been a great service for me.

Latest Hostinger News
Hostinger has introduced an additional plan to its website builder package, meaning customers will now need the Business Website Builder plan (from $3.99 per month) to sell online and unlock Hostinger's suite of AI tools. These features were previously offered on the $2.99 Premium Website Builder plan.