Smartkey schlüsseldienst

Smartkey schlüsseldienst


Smart Key V1.0.2 (Smart Software) Crack Tool By GSM X Team

What Is the Smart Key Tool?
SMART Key Tool is a GSM-based mobile software servicing program for multiple brands (Xiaomi, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung) powered by Smart Software.

Smart Key is a Windows operating system program, compatible with all Windows XP, Seven, Eight, and Ten. And the unique thing about this little program is that it has a beautiful, user-friendly interface for handling user tasks. And below is a list of features of this tool.


List of Xiaomi TAB Features:
  • Unlock MiCloud.
  • Unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock.
  • Reset Userdata.
  • Test Points.
  • Fix Stuck Recovery (ADB-UBL).
  • Fix Unbrick (ADB-UBL).
  • Unlock Bootloader (ADB-UBL).
List of Xiaomi Supported Models:
  • Mi 4 (Prada)
  • Mi 4 LTE (Cancro)
  • Mi 4i (Ferrari)
  • Mi 4s_4c
  • Mi 5x (Tiffany)
  • Mi 6x (Whyne)
  • Mi A2 Lite (Daisy)
  • Mi Max (Helium)
  • Mi Max (Hydrogen)
  • Mi Note LTE (Virgo)
  • Mi Note Pro
  • Note 6 Pro (Tulip)
  • Redmi 3 (Ido)
  • Redmi 3s (Land)
  • Redmi 4 Prime (Markw)
  • Redmi 4a (Rolex)
  • Redmi 4x (Santoni)
  • Redmi 4x Miu9 (Santoni)
  • Redmi 5 (Rosy)
  • Redmi 5a Riva (Mct38)
  • Redmi 5a
  • Redmi 5plus (Mee7)
  • Redmi 5plus (Meg7)
  • Redmi 6 Pro (Sakura)
  • Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kate)
  • Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo)
  • Redmi Note 4x (Mido)
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred) Mode 1
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred) Mode 2
  • Redmi Note 5A (UGG Lite MDG6)
  • Redmi Note 5A (UGG Lite MDT6)
  • Redmi Note 5A (UGG Lite)
  • Redmi Note 5A (UGG MDE6S)
  • Redmi Note 5A (UGG MDG6S)
  • Redmi S2 (YSL) Mode 1
  • Redmi S2 (YSL) Mode 2


List of Qualcomm TAB Features:
  • Unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock.
  • Reset Userdata 1.
  • Reset Userdata 2.
  • Load Custom Firehose File.
  • Memory/Name (EMMC/UFS).


List of MediaTek TAB Features:
  • Unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock.


List of Samsung TAB Features:
  • Unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock.
  • Fix Soft Brick Issue in One Click.

Android ADB:

List of Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) TAB Features:
  • Read Info (Information).
  • Unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock.
  • Clear Pattern Lock.
  • Disable Mi Account.
  • Reboot (Normal, Bootloader, EDL).

Android FastBoot:

List of Android FastBoot TAB Features:
  • Factory Reset.
  • Unlock Mi Account.
  • Fix Mi Repair WiFi.
  • Unlock Qualcomm FRP Lock.
  • Unlock SPRD FRP Lock.
  • Unlock Mi A1 - A2 Account.
  • Unlock Universal FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock.
  • Unlock Asus FRP 1.
  • Unlock Asus FRP 2.
  • Unlock Huawei FRP Lock.
  • Enable ADB Asus (Mode 1, 2, 3).
  • Reboot (Normal, EDL 1, EDL 2).

Qualcomm Service:

List of Qualcomm Service TAB Features:
  • Info IMEI.
  • Repair IMEI 1.
  • Repair IMEI 2.
  • Repair MEID.
  • Read QCN File.
  • Write QCN File.

MediaTek Service:

List of MediaTek Service TAB Features:
  • Repair IMEI 1.
  • Repair IMEI 2.
  • Load Custom AP and Modem Database.

What Is the Crack of the Smart Key Tool?
Smart Key (Smart Software) Crack is a modified program that allows users to use tools without activation or devices. This crack contains an installation file of the program and does not require HWID registration or any loader file to use this cracked program. XTM Smart Key Tool v1.0.2 is the official crack of the GSM X team and is entirely free for all users.

How to Install and Crack the Smart Key Tool?
  1. First of all, download the desired cracked program setup file from the link below.
  2. After downloading it, extract the compressed file using the latest version of the WinRAR app.
  3. Before you begin the installation process, turn off Defender and all other virus protection programs from your computer system.
  4. Launch the program installation setup "XTM_Smart_Key Tool Cracked v1.0.2 Setup.exe" file, and install it.
  5. As soon as the installation process is complete, an icon named "XTM_Smart_Key Tool v1.0.2" will be created on the desktop.
  6. Now run the program in administrator mode, right-click on the program icon and click Run as administrator.
  7. As soon as you click on Run as an administrator, a message will pop up saying, "Cracked By Gsm_X_Team, Feel The Real Power!" Click OK in this message.
  8. After that, the interface of the program will appear in seconds, no need to paste loader or any activation, the setup of this program is cracked, so enjoy all the features for free.

Each time the program launches in administrator mode, If you run the program directly, you will get an unknown exception error (Zprotect encounters an unknown exception error, please email us the following information to help us solve it; thank you!).

Image of the Smart Key V1.0.2 (Smart Software) Tool.

What Are the Contents of Smart Key Files?
-Smart Key V1.0.2 (Smart Software) Crack Tool By GSM X Team XTM_Smart_Key Tool Cracked v1.0.2 Setup.exe
What Are the Additional Details of the Smart Key Tool?
You can find additional information about this tool in the table below. And if you believe there's something wrong with the information in this post, feel free to let us know at our email address [email protected]or in the comments section below. We will be grateful to you for that.

ProgramSmart Key
Size109.41 MB
DateSunday, July 19, 2020
DeveloperSmart Software
CategoryCrack GSM Program
RequirementWindows XP, 7, 8, 10

Download Link of the Smart Key Tool.

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